Pressure Ulcers

With over ten years of experience in treating pressure ulcers, Dr. Van Vliet is able to close even the most challenge pressure ulcer.  Whether it be on the sacrum, ischium, trochanter or any other area of pressure, Dr. Van Vliet will work tirelessly to achieve a desirable outcome.  Dr. Van Vliet has mastered the art of tissue mobilization and flap surgery.  After careful excision of the ulcer and sometimes serial debridement, Dr. Van Vliet engages a team of experts to address any involvement of the bone, infection, nutrition optimization, and medical optimization.  When the conditions are optimal, Dr. V will apply his complex training in plastic surgery to utilize the correct flap of tissue to cover the defect.  Finally, his team of case managers will ensure the patient returns to a safe environment, with the appropriate equipment for pressure offloading, in order to protect the healed ulcer.